SOTM-221 – What’s The Buzz?

In addition to the lovely and talented Spike On The Mic regglers, we are joined by the lovely and talented repeat guest, Dominic Fabiscus, who dedicated listeners will remember is the inventor of the SlimJim, Lettuce and Tomato Sammich. There is a discussion about the inventor of men’s cologne, Elon Musk, and how he wants to put chips in everyone’s brain. Spike explains to Bill Schmotz that, try as he may, he can never punch himself. He spends the rest of the show swinging at and missing his own head. Unfortunately, this is radio. We introduce a new segment which will be used whenever we need to slow the show down and shave off a few listeners… “The Bee Report” with Steve. Apparently the gladiators, lions, and Christians are threatening to leave Rome if they don’t build a new colosseum with more expensive sky-boxes. It’s all explained eventually in this award disturbing episode.

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