SOTM-222 – The Relief Of Pain

Mark Carr (@the1andonlyM)

The lovely and talented regular panelists, minus the lovely and talented Dr. Captain Clark who was away on sabbatical, were joined by the tallest lovely and talented guest we’ve had in a while, Mark Carr. We start by discussing the taxing of psychotherapy services, but of course that doesn’t have anything to do with strippers. But wait… this is the Spike On The Mic Show so of course it’s about strippers. Next we move on to a really shocking scientific discovery… that alcohol diminishes pain. We research this story for approximately 3 pitchers. Despite the fact we premiered Steve’s “Bee Report” last week, Spike asks him to do another one this week. We finally move on to the much lighter topic of unsolved murders (a laugh riot). As soon as we are about to run out of time we spend a few seconds talking to Mark, our special guest.

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