SOTM-243 – The Mental Reports

Not THIS governor

Our second show live from Hooters! Our lovely and talented regular cast members, Clark, P-Dub, Steve, Bill, and Mark, join with our lovely and talented host Spike in welcoming a new guest to our show, the lovely and talented Rock (a.k.a. The Governor). Our very first topic comes straight out of the pages of the new mental reports, and of course everybody on the panel disagrees with Spike. Everybody, that is, except for “The Voice of Reason” who agrees with all positions simultaneously. Dr. Captain Clark declares that science must have beakers and chemicals to be real science. Dr. Clark then takes over selection of topics and suggests that listeners “Google it” if they want actual details. Of course we end up with Spike thinking it’s OK to expose himself even if the woman he’s with says not to. Way to be topical.

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