SOTM-245 – Making Stuff Up

We talk about 3 things on this show, things in the future, things in the past, and things in the future… AND gigging frogs. Our first topic deals with our connections to the coming royal wedding. We stray onto the Oscars that Spike has never won. (See if you can notice when Mark sneaks in late.) Billie gives us our first decent call-in since forever. She establishes a strong claim on Steve’s title of “Voice of Reason”. Royal Wedding will be held at an Elvis Chapel next to a Wendy’s. Billie thinks it’s not fine to kill yourself at 21. Spike wants to know if it’s creepy to get a face transplant from a suicide victim who was a registered face donor, one year after he died. Makes sense? A mystery beeping noise interrupts the creepy face story. Steve uses the word “ameliorative” and no one questions it. We examine the ten things guys don’t like about women, but first discuss which order we should examine them in. Believe it or not we manage to fit in a “Bee/Duck Report”.

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