SOTM-247 – 2017 Finale!

Six months ago we had 3 lovely young ladies as guests on our show. For our final show of the year only one of them came back. The lovely and talented Roxy Lee. In attendance were the ever present lovely and talented Clark, the lovely and talented Steve, the lovely and talented Mark, the lovely and talented P-Dub, and of course Spike. For the second week in a row the not so lovely and talented Bill Schmotz was unable to make it, perhaps due to his lack of loveliness and talent. After we convince Clark that he never was married to Roxy, we went on to many memorable and entertaining topics, including a “What’s Twending?” and “Bee Report”. We sincerely hope that when we return again next year we can continue being the most “award deserving” show in the civilized world.

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