SOTM-250 – Oh Fonqua!

A record number of microphones are employed in this award deserving effort to align with the voices of Spike, Schmotz, Steve, Clark, Mark, P-Dub, and our lovely and talented guests Cindy and Lynn with no “E”. Without ever intending to, we debate the various racial implications of Red Lobster vs. Cracker Barrel, which inspires Clark to claim a new “rap name”. Boston Seán calls in from New England Land, the only place that doesn’t hate The Patriots, and therefore we discover that Mark is obsessed with Tom Brady’s “hotness”. A Philly Fan (Dave Henderson) calls in from a Red Lobster to give his side of the story. And of course, if you wear too many clothes you will be kicked off the plane. Do I smell Cheddar Bay Biscuits?

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