SOTM-203 – Gravy Stains

gravystainsOur lovely and talented regular male members begin the show discussing wether Steve should divert attention away from being covered in gravy stains by storming out of the studio. Despite our urging him to storm out, he remains for the entire show, which incidentally is now called “an award deserving Picasso“. Spike’s first topic is about 3 men with constantly changing names who are suing Chipotle because their “Bereavo” made them too full. We move from there to Bloomington, Indiana where they are changing the names of holidays because of “popular political correctness”. Our final topic is about a man named “Okassa Lou” who accidentally gropes a woman while driving a train in Tokyo. Only the train turns out to be a bus, Okassa Lou turns out to be just a passenger, and he was actually picking pockets. This show has been selected to entertain the prisoners at Guantanamo.

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