SOTM-205 – Sausage Party Picasso

portrait_de_picasso_1908We clearly need more women guests. A show of just the lovely and talented regular males seems to get off the track too easily. Once again Spike tries to explain why we are the Picasso of radio but we are struck by his resemblance to Hitler. We are side tracked so often it takes twenty minutes to actually START the first topic which as something to do with turnstiles that “admit one person at a time like Didney Whirl“. This twists into a discussion about Spike’s great aunt loving Piggly Wiggly, and Steve bagging groceries. At the 30 minute mark we begin a second topic which has something to do with Princess Brown not allowing football players to chew tobacco at work. We are left with just enough time to talk about “What’s Twending“. When Spike says in the promo that this is the most confusing show on radio, this must be the show he was talking about.

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