SOTM-207 – Alternative Facts Show

Chief Police Superintendent Principal of the Police Superintendent Association – Gavin

Fortunately this show features the lovely and talented Miss Billie (offspring of P-Dub) and the lovely and talented Dr. Princess Brown (offspring of Spike) because having Meatball Mark and Sponge Bob in the chatroom was not enough to save the show. The first topic was about the man pictured on the left wanting criminals to be sentenced to wear some kind of windjammer. If that didn’t make sense this was followed by a story about a 78 year old man who was arrested because he was rejected by a woman. Of course none of that was factual either, so we wrapped up the hour with a game of “Jack… or Jack-a-Bob”. However, at the very end, we were able to “overcome” all the inherent incoherence with an appropriate tribute to a real person.

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