SOTM-208 – A Well Endowed Sponsor

David Henderson – Bicycle Stud

This week we are joined by an “ex-steamed” guest, the lovely and talented “Star Goddess” Janet Sciales. The first few minutes are consumed by our reactions to the lovely gifts presented to us by Bill Schmotz… called variously… monkey ear, kidney bone, jack-a-landon, and dog turd. Our first topic called “The Vein of Yoof” concerns a clintic where they will pump new plasma into old bodies for $8000. This is followed by a phone call from one of our sponsor/listeners, Mr. Gameday Metric himself, David “Chuck” Henderson. He stays with us long enough to have his stars read by Janet who reveals that Chuck has a considerable “tail on his comet.” Janet, unfortunately for some others, continues to reveal the length of each tail in the cast, along with their prospects for the new year. A new wing is being added to the Smithsonian just to house this episode.

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