SOTM-209 – Golden Shower Show

Our X-Steamed Guest, Jeff Klein

Beside the “normal” lovely and talented panelists, we feature the lovely and talented comedian Jeff Klein. Of course our first topic is therefore “Would you marry your grandfather for millions?” Spike asks us to provide our unopinionated opinions, and we do. We eventually conclude that the granddaughter will receive half as a divorce settlement, and the other half as an inheritance. We attempt to begin a new topic about “Entrepreneurial Stuart”, but we are interrupted by a collect call from the Sham Shui Po section of Hong Kong, China where Dr. Princess Brown and Sponge Bob are vacationing on Spike’s dime. We eventually discuss selling positive pregnancy test urine for fun and profit. After spending some additional time discussing “What’s Twending”, we spend the last few seconds of the show interviewing our X-Steamed Guest, Jeff Klein (who strolled into the studio minutes AFTER the show started).

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