SOTM-211 – Kid On The Toilet

Queen Pernailya – of the Black Cherokee tribe

This episode, featuring our lovely and talented core players, begins with Spike hearing strange voices. After some controversy concerning our “Peabody Award“, Spike compares us to “a kid on the toilet“. The first topic is the story of a school teacher named “Woodwerf” with 16 years on the job, being fired because an angry law enforcement officer revealed her former profession to school officials that already knew about it. Confused? Don’t be. The topic is interrupted by a phone call from “Boston Shawn“. We move on to a topic called “You Can Guess” in which the police shoot a contestant in a black Jeep charged with “Drug Pernailya“. Spike learns during this topic the little known fact (among tall people) that white people are given $10 by the police any time they get pulled over by mistake. We also enjoy a “What’s Twending” segment as well as a new feature… “The Bee Report”. This is exactly how you earn a “Peabody“.

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