One The end…Good Bye…Later…One Love
Palushious Our very fancy studio
How You Stickin Hello…How are you…What’s up
Lisa The initial name of every Female in the world
Earf This planet we live on
Ghost To leave the scene unannounced
Mustard and Mayonnaise White wall tires with thin yellow trim
Wheels My drink of choice… Miller Lite
…And Flies When others alter the ‘original’ plans
Hit Me on the Hip Call me
Solid Ok I agree
Turning Corners Driving around without plans
You Ain’t Never Lied What you just told me is true
Hear What I’m Screaming Do you understand what I’m saying?
Spike2Peace Theatre To re-enact the story
Sonagrainium A Picture of a Baby in mothers stomach
Kentel A place to put animals while on vacation
Couponist Those People in grocery store saving 30 cents
Tall When describing an African American to non majorities
Shree-Shay-Qua More than 2 people making the beast with 2 backs