SOTM-214 – Deja Vu All Over Again

There’s something familiar about this week’s show. Is it the familiar collection of lovely and talented cast members in the shipping container? It certainly isn’t the show being available on “Facebook Live”, because this was the first time we did that. No… there was something that happens during the first 15 minutes of this show that gives us that feeling of Deja Vu. Something seems so familiar. Only the pronunciations are different. There’s a signpost up ahead. It’s the Spikelight Zone.

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SOTM-213 – Pick On Steve Night

Steve (The Voice Of Reason) in a typically stained shirt.

In this episode the lovely and talented Crew of Ye Mystic Knights of the Shipping Container (with the exception of the Voice of Reason) seem to silently declare it to be “Pick on Steve Night”. I’m not sure how it happened, but in the words of our leader, Spike On The Mic, this particular show is “Off The Chain”. There was clearly rebellion in the air as almost no topic proceeded as intended. Oddly enough, Steve was actually wearing a brand new and spotless shirt. We should mention that due to technical problems with RadioStPete’s server there will be no live show on March 6th. We should be back live on Monday, March 13 at 7PM Eastern. There is no truth to the rumor that Steve sabotaged the server.

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SOTM-212 – Dr. Captain Host

Listeners know him as a captain, who was home schooled, and who is now a doctor. But we know him as Clark Brooks, stand-up comedian, sports columnist, blogger, author of “A Ridiculously Inconsistant Treasury” (a book with both a dinosaur and a robot on the cover), and he is an ordained minister who is available to perform weddings. This week Clark serves as guest host. From time to time each each year Spike likes to spark the creative juices of the lovely and talented crew members by appointing one of them as “guest host”. While appearing to be a thoughtful and charitable act, this simply allows Spike to drink more beer during the show. One important benefit for the listener is that the term “peripheral vision” is used correctly and there is no mention of “shipping containers”.

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SOTM-211 – Kid On The Toilet

Queen Pernailya – of the Black Cherokee tribe

This episode, featuring our lovely and talented core players, begins with Spike hearing strange voices. After some controversy concerning our “Peabody Award“, Spike compares us to “a kid on the toilet“. The first topic is the story of a school teacher named “Woodwerf” with 16 years on the job, being fired because an angry law enforcement officer revealed her former profession to school officials that already knew about it. Confused? Don’t be. The topic is interrupted by a phone call from “Boston Shawn“. We move on to a topic called “You Can Guess” in which the police shoot a contestant in a black Jeep charged with “Drug Pernailya“. Spike learns during this topic the little known fact (among tall people) that white people are given $10 by the police any time they get pulled over by mistake. We also enjoy a “What’s Twending” segment as well as a new feature… “The Bee Report”. This is exactly how you earn a “Peabody“.

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And the Grammy for best song about a biscuit goes to…

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SOTM-210 – Black History Mumf

Harriet "Spike" TubmanSpike starts this show by explaining that it’s going to be “somber” and then sets out to prove it. Luckily Billie calls in from her car and although the conversation takes some strange turns it does break us out of our “somber” mood. Spike attempts to “learn us” and therefore make us better people, but we prove to him that’s an unrealistic goal, doomed to failure. We move on to the topic of cats invading the “Westmistress” Dog Show, followed by Spain University curing the fear of deaf by making people watch video games. But thankfully all our brains are then infested with roaches. No really. Spike thinks that one day we’ll be an award WINNING show, but this episode will have nothing to do with that.

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SOTM-209 – Golden Shower Show

Our X-Steamed Guest, Jeff Klein

Beside the “normal” lovely and talented panelists, we feature the lovely and talented comedian Jeff Klein. Of course our first topic is therefore “Would you marry your grandfather for millions?” Spike asks us to provide our unopinionated opinions, and we do. We eventually conclude that the granddaughter will receive half as a divorce settlement, and the other half as an inheritance. We attempt to begin a new topic about “Entrepreneurial Stuart”, but we are interrupted by a collect call from the Sham Shui Po section of Hong Kong, China where Dr. Princess Brown and Sponge Bob are vacationing on Spike’s dime. We eventually discuss selling positive pregnancy test urine for fun and profit. After spending some additional time discussing “What’s Twending”, we spend the last few seconds of the show interviewing our X-Steamed Guest, Jeff Klein (who strolled into the studio minutes AFTER the show started).

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SOTM-208 – A Well Endowed Sponsor

David Henderson – Bicycle Stud

This week we are joined by an “ex-steamed” guest, the lovely and talented “Star Goddess” Janet Sciales. The first few minutes are consumed by our reactions to the lovely gifts presented to us by Bill Schmotz… called variously… monkey ear, kidney bone, jack-a-landon, and dog turd. Our first topic called “The Vein of Yoof” concerns a clintic where they will pump new plasma into old bodies for $8000. This is followed by a phone call from one of our sponsor/listeners, Mr. Gameday Metric himself, David “Chuck” Henderson. He stays with us long enough to have his stars read by Janet who reveals that Chuck has a considerable “tail on his comet.” Janet, unfortunately for some others, continues to reveal the length of each tail in the cast, along with their prospects for the new year. A new wing is being added to the Smithsonian just to house this episode.

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SOTM-207 – Alternative Facts Show

Chief Police Superintendent Principal of the Police Superintendent Association – Gavin

Fortunately this show features the lovely and talented Miss Billie (offspring of P-Dub) and the lovely and talented Dr. Princess Brown (offspring of Spike) because having Meatball Mark and Sponge Bob in the chatroom was not enough to save the show. The first topic was about the man pictured on the left wanting criminals to be sentenced to wear some kind of windjammer. If that didn’t make sense this was followed by a story about a 78 year old man who was arrested because he was rejected by a woman. Of course none of that was factual either, so we wrapped up the hour with a game of “Jack… or Jack-a-Bob”. However, at the very end, we were able to “overcome” all the inherent incoherence with an appropriate tribute to a real person.

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SOTM-194 – Ketchup

Here is show #194. We know it’s an older show, but apparently it never made it into our podcast feed on iTunes. Never too late to ketchup though. (See what I did there?).

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