SOTM-242 – Jojosomes

JoJo considers the Olympics

This show not only features our regular lovely and talented cast members but features the lovely and talented Mark, and (as Spike called her) the lovely and toileted JoJo (@joannepetrella). Spike not only called her “toileted”, but repeatedly accused her of having a Y chromosome. Topics included “Miffology”, “Is NASCAR and Cheerleading a sport?”, the G.A.I.S.F. saying Pole Dancing is now an “accredidentured” sport, and of course Turkey Gizzard Ice-cream. We even found time for “What’s Twending?” and “The Bee Report”. This show will be used by elementary schools to promote the sciences.

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SOTM-241 – The Gasman Cometh

Mark Carr (@the1andonlyM )

This episode features the return of the “Gas man” (Mark Carr), a guest so popular it’s only been 19 shows since we had him on last. Of course it also features the lovely and talented regular cast featuring Steve, Schmotz, P.W., Spike, and Clark, (whose sister reveals a preference for the smell of gas). It takes us a full 22 minutes to get to an actual topic and of course it has something to do with breast size. There is every chance that this show will be considered for a Presidential Award of Freedom. We have it on good authority that the President stays up past 7 PM, very possibly just to hear our show.

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SOTM-240 – Free Video Boards!

Scene of the riot. (9540 W. Linebaugh Ave. Tampa)

It was going to be just another award deserving Spike On The Mic Show. The lovely and talented Clark Brooks, P.W. Fenton, Steve Ericson, and Spike were gathered at a brand new location, Maloney’s Local Irish Pub, when suddenly Spike announced he was handing out free “video boards”. Not since the fiery crash of the Hindenburg has such a calamity been observed. It was also “Wing Night (25¢ Boneless – 50¢ Bone-in)“.

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Rumor Control

The latest rumor is that the Spike On The Mic Show will be broadcasting live from Maloney’s in Westchase on Monday Oct 23rd at 7PM @ 9540 West Linebaugh Ave. Tampa

Come on out and eat, drink, and be merry!

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SOTM-239 – Nikota Nuggets

Not one of these wonderful women are named Nikota

“Take a few night classes, pop in a breath mint, and butch up that handshake and you will live forever!” – Clark Brooks.

A 2 year old needs a kidney so we try to give him both of Steve’s. Hillsborough Avenue is noisy. Maybe next time we set up inside Hooters. Your Body Tried To Warn You. Cheryl & Dakota play “Bob or Jack-a-Bob”. Cheryl thinks Jack-a-Bobs call her Megan. After Steve ruins smiling, he gives the shortest Bee Report ever (and he’s pretty short). Then, after we explore “What’s Twending”, we are smart enough to go home.

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SOTM-238 – Bad Brains Stick Together

Writer, Director, Star, Tony Gaud

This award deserving edition of the Spike On The Mic Show was hijacked by some of the stars of “Billy’s Got A Bad Brain”, which Premieres at the Tampa Improv on Sunday October 15th at 7:00PM. Actor/Comedian Clark Brooks, actor/comedian Natasha Samreny, and actor/comedian/writer/director Tony Gaud spend most of the show talking about the soon to premiere film. The regular lovely and talented crew is all here, and we even get to squeeze a word or two in also. Unfortunately, there was no time for a “Bee Report”.

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SOTM-237 – Spike Re-Tatia’d

Joining our lovely and talented regular crew is our long lost sister Tatia. Tatia, as regular listeners may know, always brings out the best in Spike. Ever at the ready, with paper and pen, to record any attacks on the English language undertaken by our host, Tatia has a tendency to put Spike on his best verbal behavior. Dr. Captain Clark had the night off (a better gig) so there was no “What’s Twending” segment. But fear not, we did squeeze in a fine “Bee Report” from the Voice of Reason.

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Oh Lookie There ->

The Spike On The Mic Show just may have a new sponsor. I wonder why this beautiful woman is smiling at us?

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SOTM-236 – Curiosities

Joining the lovely and talented regular cast members is a very special guest, long time friend and collaborator of Dr. Captain Clark’s, representing the west coast third of The Unbelievables, now and forever known as Michael(s) Noble(s). The S’s are both silent and non-existent. Adding to the drama of the occasion is the fact that, though they have been collaborators for years, Clark and Michael(s) had never met until mere minutes before the show began. Beside the normal collection of fascinating topics, we manage to include both a “What’s Twending?” segment and a “Bee Report”. This episode will add to our legacy of award free entertainment.

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SOTM-235 – Sorry Wrong Number

Back after the storm, the regular crew assembles to wonder why it is we remain deserving yet never winning a “Best of the Bay” award. Could it be Steve’s condiment stained shirt? Could it be Bill Schmotz’s never using his “real” name? Could it be Spike never correctly identifying the chromosomes in his peripheral vision? Could it be P.W. never quite pushing those buttons when he should? Or is it preventing our listeners from hearing our show without interruption? The Right Honorable Dr. Captain Clark decides it’s the latter and enlists all 3 of our live listeners in a telephonic attack.

Who deserved it more than us? Creative Loafing will tell us on the night of Wednesday, September 27th

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