SOTM-236 – Curiosities

Joining the lovely and talented regular cast members is a very special guest, long time friend and collaborator of Dr. Captain Clark’s, representing the west coast third of The Unbelievables, now and forever known as Michael(s) Noble(s). The S’s are both silent and non-existent. Adding to the drama of the occasion is the fact that, though they have been collaborators for years, Clark and Michael(s) had never met until mere minutes before the show began. Beside the normal collection of fascinating topics, we manage to include both a “What’s Twending?” segment and a “Bee Report”. This episode will add to our legacy of award free entertainment.

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SOTM-235 – Sorry Wrong Number

Back after the storm, the regular crew assembles to wonder why it is we remain deserving yet never winning a “Best of the Bay” award. Could it be Steve’s condiment stained shirt? Could it be Bill Schmotz’s never using his “real” name? Could it be Spike never correctly identifying the chromosomes in his peripheral vision? Could it be P.W. never quite pushing those buttons when he should? Or is it preventing our listeners from hearing our show without interruption? The Right Honorable Dr. Captain Clark decides it’s the latter and enlists all 3 of our live listeners in a telephonic attack.

Who deserved it more than us? Creative Loafing will tell us on the night of Wednesday, September 27th

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SOTM-234 – The Return of Reason

At long last the reason we are all here… the very Voice of Reason himself returns. And what do we find? Did he go away because he was mad? Did he go away to recover from secret surgery? Did he spend time in jail? Was he in rehab? None of those things happened. He left the show long enough to grow a faint mustache.

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SOTM-233 – Sperm Daddy

Lynn and Chris

In this award deserving episode, Spike is joined by the lovely and talented Bill Schmotz and P.W. Fenton to welcome our innocent but lovely and talented guest victims, Lynn (with no ‘E’) and Chris (with no ‘sy’). Before this show, we are willing to bet neither ever had cause to utter the words “Sperm Daddy” and yet here we are. We also speak about not being allowed to swim together in the gene pool, we answer a “Dear Spike On The Mic” letter, and we even manage to work in a game we haven’t played in a long time. A few hours prior to next week’s show, Spike has arranged for some kind of massive SOTM advertising event involving the sun and, in his words, “going black”.

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SOTM-232 – The Great Invasion

This award deserving show contains the largest gathering of Fentons and Thomsons to ever gather on one live radio show in the United States and Canada. The “Voice of Reason” is still recovering from secret elective surgery, but has been replaced by “The Father Of All Knowledge”. The normal cast (minus Steve) was joined by the lovely and talented Billie, Kim, Ross, Dillan, and momentarily Roz, pushing our humble equipment to its near limits. We even get a brief call-in from Steve. If nothing else this show deserves an award for sheer bulk.

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SOTM-231 – The E-foo-toe Of Podcasting

Our regular lovely and talented cast of misfits is joined for the second time in as many weeks by the lovely and talented Tina. Spike believes that the word for “future” in Spanish is pronounced “E-foo-toe“. Who are we to argue. He also asks us to weigh in on the idea of implanting a chip in our hand so we can buy chips by waving it. I know right? We also decide “Yay or Nay” on the concept of your doctor booking your gall bladder surgery at the same time as a sex change operation right next to you. We wrap up the show with a new episode of (formerly Doctor Captain) Clark’s “What’s Twending”.

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SOTM-230 – A Moment of Silence

Tina (left) and her besty, Kathy

The lovely and talented Spike On The Mic crew, joined by the lovely and talented Tina The Asian Persuasion, answer the burning question of who was Bobby Taylor and why did his van make noise? First the entire crew is given the opportunity to go home early if they agree to be sterilized. We then reveal that there are nude pictures of Spike on his leather seats. After sharing a riveting Bee Report, Steve, upset about having no rank in his name, storms off and deprives us of his wisdom for the last few minutes of the show. Why couldn’t he have done that during the first few minutes of the show?

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SOTM-229 – Eight Is Enough

Left to right: Tyler, Ryan, Kelly, and Cyndi

No, this episode does not feature the trials and tribulations of the Bradford brood. But it does feature eight live microphones, the most ever, and it does feature Spike attempting to keep the names Clark, P-Dub, Steve, Bill, Ryan, Kelly, Cindi, and Tyler all organized in his award deserving brain, all at the same time. We will leave it to the listeners to decide if he succeeded. This award deserving show answers the burning question… “Who among us doesn’t know what a doily is?”

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SOTM-228 – Bad Brains On The Town

(photo by Joe Turney)

We had a wonderful time broadcasting live from The Improv in Ybor City for the sneak preview of Tony Gaud’s independent film “Billy’s Got A Bad Brain”. We understand that our signal was interrupted several times by the bad storms in the area so Joe Bourdow of tells us he will re-broadcast the show, without interruption, tonight, July 13th, at 7PM. The show will also be posted here and in our podcast feed in a few days.

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SOTM-227 – Trojan Horse Show

This awesome show, that features no un-necessary special guests, starts out examining why it doesn’t win any of the awards it deserves. We discuss various plans to trick listeners into voting for us. Our first topic is called “Cherry Air Fresh For Dessert” and is about people who claim they don’t need to eat food or drink beverages. Next we discuss giving old people with money, the blood of young people who need money, in order to make the old people with money, feel more like the young people. Clearly another serious scientific subject. So we continue with a brief discussion of why hippos are so underrepresented in the sports world. Add to that a “Bee Report” and some “What’s Twending?” and it becomes clear why we never get the award that Spike deserves.

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