SOTM-225 – The Innocents

L to R – Kelsey, Roxy, Spike, and Taylor

What can you say about a show that features three lovely innocent young girls, barely out of their teens, out perhaps for the first time into the dark and threatening world. The regular Spike On The Mic Crew was joined on this night by the lovely and talented Roxy Lee, Kelsey Michael, and Taylor West. Three precious innocents as pure as the driven snow. Listen as they struggle to overcome their shyness and moral inhibitions. This is very possibly our most unsullied show ever.

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SOTM-224 – Stuck In The Middle With You

This show could have been ordinary. This show could have featured just the lovely and talented regular inhabitants of the shipping container. But no. We went above and beyond. Not only did we book the fabulous #89, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver Kevin House, but literally a minute or two before we went on the air, in walked a former cast member, the lovely and talented Miss Marilyn J, who nowadays graces the airwaves of Tampa’s own WTMP – AM 1150. We kind of rule.

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SOTM-223 – King of Malapropria

Trish Leto

As our special guest this week is a female, we begin with Spike’s usual difficulties with chromosomes. Spike’s first feature brings us his definition of a word he can’t pronounce. Luckily his friends are there to repeatedly pronounce it for him. Various topics follow, like knuckle cracking… “Dear Spike On The Mic”… a pointless Bee Report… and the ever popular excuse to play “Papa Oom Mow Mow” – Dr. Captain Clark’s “What’s Twending?”. We eventually get around to interviewing our guest, the lovely and talented Trish Leto.

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SOTM-222 – The Relief Of Pain

Mark Carr (@the1andonlyM)

The lovely and talented regular panelists, minus the lovely and talented Dr. Captain Clark who was away on sabbatical, were joined by the tallest lovely and talented guest we’ve had in a while, Mark Carr. We start by discussing the taxing of psychotherapy services, but of course that doesn’t have anything to do with strippers. But wait… this is the Spike On The Mic Show so of course it’s about strippers. Next we move on to a really shocking scientific discovery… that alcohol diminishes pain. We research this story for approximately 3 pitchers. Despite the fact we premiered Steve’s “Bee Report” last week, Spike asks him to do another one this week. We finally move on to the much lighter topic of unsolved murders (a laugh riot). As soon as we are about to run out of time we spend a few seconds talking to Mark, our special guest.

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SOTM-221 – What’s The Buzz?

In addition to the lovely and talented Spike On The Mic regglers, we are joined by the lovely and talented repeat guest, Dominic Fabiscus, who dedicated listeners will remember is the inventor of the SlimJim, Lettuce and Tomato Sammich. There is a discussion about the inventor of men’s cologne, Elon Musk, and how he wants to put chips in everyone’s brain. Spike explains to Bill Schmotz that, try as he may, he can never punch himself. He spends the rest of the show swinging at and missing his own head. Unfortunately, this is radio. We introduce a new segment which will be used whenever we need to slow the show down and shave off a few listeners… “The Bee Report” with Steve. Apparently the gladiators, lions, and Christians are threatening to leave Rome if they don’t build a new colosseum with more expensive sky-boxes. It’s all explained eventually in this award disturbing episode.

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SOTM-220 – Mark O’Polo & The Happy Hour

Steph, Spike, Mark O

L to R – Steph, Spike, Mark O

The lovely and talented Spike On The Mic crew gets together with fellow RadioStPete broadcasters from the other side of the bay, the lovely and talented hosts of the “Mark O Radio Happy Hour Show”, Steph and Mark. We were disappointed to learn that Mark’s last name is not from the famous Irish/Italian O’Radio clan. With only 60 minutes available, there were a number of topics we were unable to cover and, unfortunately, the long awaited topic of “Pink Rubber Bath Mats” was among those. Never-the-less this particular show will stand out in the pantheon of shows which, however deserving, did not actually win an award.

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SOTM-219 – Topics With No Names

No Show Guest

No Show Guest

After our scheduled guest bailed on us, we were left with our lovely and talented, award deserving, and dependable regular crew members. Spike threw us an additional curve by never giving a topic a name. Normally he starts a new topic by saying something like “This is a topic I’d like to call… Pink Rubber Bath Mat”, or something like that. I don’t think we’ve ever had a topic about bath mats of any color actually. Maybe next week our guests will show up (Cast members from the Mark-O-Radio Happy Hour) and we just might talk about pink rubber bath mats.

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SOTM-218 – The Show So Nice We Started It Twice

FINALLY we get some lovely and talented XX chromosomes on the show in the form of Lynn (no “e”) and Cindy. Unfortunately for all, they did not bring out the more civil side of our regular cast and crew. It did, however, inspire a new attempt at a performance of the “Spike2Peace Theater“. Topics range from golf rules to hurtling through tubes to get to Miami faster. We do a little of “What’s Twending?” and we even squeeze a “Dear Spike On The Mic” letter in at the last second. This is clearly the most entertainment that can be packed into 60 minutes, which is more than enough time to be blasted from Orlando to Miami and back again.

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SOTM-217 – Who Do Macbeff

1936 production of Voodoo Macbeth

For this episode all things finally return to normal. The entire cast of regulars is present. We return to needling Steve about his stained shirts. Spike is back in the driver’s seat. Facebook live sort of worked. RadioStPete sort of worked. And the “new topic” music played repeatedly. There are several informative and entertaining topics. We explore “What’s Twending?”. But the highlight comes when Spike tells the story of his brush with greatness “fish story” about almost appearing in the @620 Studio production of Orson Wells’ “Voodoo Macbeth”. It’s a great story, but will anyone believe it?

Click here to hear the scene of which Spike speaketh, in which Lennox speaketh three times.

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SOTM-216 – “Shut Up, Spike”

The Face of Reason

From time to time Spike likes to stir the pot by making one of the occupants of the shipping container act as guest host. This night the responsibility fell on the sturdy shoulders of the Voice of Reason, also known as the lovely and talented Steve. It’s very possible that this show will be what convinces Spike to re-think the whole guest host concept. As this show also features a special appearance by a famous tall guy, Charles Barkley, who drops by to share “a few words”. He shares those “few words” over and over. This special episode has been selected to be enshrined in the “Exotic Aberrations” wing of the Museum of Broadcast Communications, where it will be commemorated as the first audio production to have no need of a copyright.

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